Let Game On Entertainment Services take care of the entertainment at your next event. From the newest games to some of the oldest, our services will make any event fun and interactive.

We specialize in multiple types of events. Whether the goal is to entertain or to raise money, G.O.E.S. will make your party a success.


Fundraising events require people to make money. Sure, lots of people are altruistic and want to help, but with a great draw to an event like entertaining gaming and prizes for tournaments, you can entice more people to your event and create more opportunities for people to bid or donate.

Birthday Party

Keeping the kids entertained has never been so easy. With just a phone call to G.O.E.S., you will have an instant party that will keep your guests busy and happy for hours and hours.


Whether you or your fiancé are into gaming and want some added activities for your guests, or you have some kids to entertain, gaming can be a great way to add some additional activities to your already special event.

Special Events

Make your special event extra unique with retro games, interactive games, and the latest releases. G.O.E.S. can scale the consoles and games to the size of your event and takes care of the set-up, day of management, and tear down, so all you have to do is watch your guests have fun.

Holiday Parties

Get your next holiday party moving with games like Just Dance. Or maybe bring your guests a little nostalgia with Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros., it is a great way for party guest to get to know one another and have a good time.

Corporate Events

Sick and tired of boring, stiff corporate events? Well, they don’t have to be. With Game On Entertainment Services, your corporate event can be filled with fun, laughter and lots of games.

Office Party

Office parties are often very similar. Some food, some drinks, and some small chat. Get your co-workers interacting and having fun through the power of games. Get them up dancing or competing against one another head on in their favourite new or retro game and watch as your co-workers bond and get to know one another.

School Events

Teach those kids a thing or two! Sure, we have the best and latest games, but some of our retro games are our most popular with students discovering them for the first time. Let G.O.E.S. school the kids on the most fun games from the past few decades.

Themed Events

No matter what the theme is, whether it be a Sports theme, Secret Agent theme, Movie or 80’s theme, make your event more engaging with a gaming section to entertain your guests. We’ve got a wide variety of games to fit your theme, so contact G.O.E.S. to find out more about our gaming services.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party/Stag & Doe

Does every bachelor/bachelorette party seem the same to you? Want to make yours special and entertaining? Treat your group to a night of fun with Game On Entertainment Services. If you are trying to raise money for the big day, take advantage of our gaming competitions that will encourage guests to ante up!